quasi (almost) 10 months!!!!

hello my loves!!!!! this week was full of miracles, big and small, prayers answered, humbling experiences, the good soul filling stuff.

so one night, all of our plans fell through, and we were brought once again to pray, bowing our heads and closing our eyes and asking heavenly father for help in the streets of paranagua. so we asked him for help, and told him we wanted to find who he wanted us to find, go where he wanted us to go. so we started knocking doors, and nothing. we told ourselves, we are going to find one good new investigator before 8:30. one. and so we were walking down the street and we passed a house and i just stopped and we knocked there. a woman came out front and we started talking with her and it turns out the elders talked with her husband a few months ago but she never had a chance to talk with them. so she let us in and we began talking with her and her daughter and we were teaching the restoration and she stops us in the middle of the lesson (her name is mari by the way) and she tells us that just an hour and a half earlier (6 pm) she said a prayer to god and asked him for help. i then looked down at my watch, it was 7:30, and i said, “and we arrived at 7:30, that answer sure came fast“ (or something like that in portuguese). she and her daughter are excited to learn more and when we left it was 8:30 and we had 2 new good investigators. but more importantly, we were humbled, the lord answered our prayer, he knows us, he was and is there for us, to help us, guide us in doing his will.
another miracle, so sister torres and i went to talk to a contact of ours, they werent interested and so we clapped outside the next door neighbors house. before the person even came to the door, i had a bad feeling. but i didnt move. a young man opened the front gate and as sister torres and i were talking about it later, we both shared that our first instinct was to leave right there and then. but in that moment, neither of us budged. we introduced ourselves and asked him what his name was. ruan. we started telling him that we were representatives of the lord jesus christ and that we wanted to share a special message with him. i got the heebie jeebies every time he looked at me. we took out a restoration pamphlet and talking a little bit and the most unexpected thing happened. he just looked down at the ground and started weepíng. weeping. we asked him what he was feeling. he just touched his chest with his hand. we continued talking a little bit and we asked him what he was feeling again (he was still cryiing ish) and he said that we had a very strong force and presence, that this was the 3rd time that the lord came to him, and that this time he was going to follow. he said he done everything possibly bad in this life and that he was ready to change. after we left, we just stopped on the sidewalk and stood there for a few minutes thinking about what had just happened. we kneeled down on the sidewalk and prayed, thanking heavenly father for protecting us (we both felt that when he first came out he had bad intentions and couldve hurt us), and thanked him for bringing this young mans heart to repentance.
i know that heavenly father is real. he is in control. i know that purity and obedience will protect us, spiritually and physically. i know that when we pray, we can spill everything, and he will hear us and love us and through christ will give us the forces to keep going. i know joseph smith is a prophet of God and that the church of jesus christ lives. he lives.
i love you all and invite you all to get on your knees and talk to your father in heaven.
sister jackson

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