Hello my beautiful family!

We`ve had a miracle here. A big one. So do you remember our investigator Neuza who had a baptismal date for the 14th of june and whose anger cancer ridden husband got mad at her for leaving the house? well she didnt know how she was going to be able to continue coming to church and so we and she prayed for a miracle. well we got one. so one day this past week we were trying to find an address of a past contact more or less in the same vicinity as neuzas house. we found the house, knocked, and out came neuza`s sister. so i surprisingly said said hello and asked how she was doing. and then she asked if we were coming by to talk to neuza because her husband had died. say what. i remember my jaw just dropped and i felt like i was in a dream and in my brain i just said to myself, god did this. i will never forget looking over at sister oliveira and trying to hide the smile on her face she put her hand over her mouth and said ` que horrivel“ (how horrible). we then went over to neuzas house and talked and cried with her and it just so happened that the lesson that we planned that day was the resurrection, spirit world and degrees of glory. it was marvelous. she was obviously torn up because her partner of 30something years was gone but she told us that she was finally free to be happy and that now she could come to church and be baptised. neuza is getting baptised this saturday. and her daughter and graddaughter came to church with us yesterday. we are going to help this family get baptised dangit. it was literally an answer to our prayers in the most profound way. it was just like god touched his finger on her house and said, ok neuza, its time. i do i do i do believe in miracles.
heavenly father loves us. he knows everything. he has a purpose for everything. he will take care of everything. i love him. i love my savior and know that because of the atonement, because of his suffering for us in the garden of gethsemane and his death and ressurection, that he will lift us out of our despair and pain if we will let him, and that we too can live.
sister jackson
ps i almost only have 6 months left, no way jose.
SAM_0158 SAM_0157 SAM_0149 SAM_0142 SAM_0136

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