boa tarde!!!!!

this week has been amazing and quite a wild ride! so some new americans are coming tomorrow and a sister that has been serving for a year in the usa is coming to serve in my area!!!!!! so excited!!!!! also, sister torres is being transferred tomorrow which is definetly not cool because magic is happening in our area and i love her guts and she cant leave, but thats ok, i will buck up and trust in the lord 🙂

 so this week our amazing elect investigator neuza with a baptismal date of june 14th came to church for the first time and loved it! its hard for her to leave the house because her husband is sickly and doesnt like religion and is controlling but she got her son to stay at home with him and she was able to come for sacrament meeting! really she is such a miracle, she loves reading the book of mormon and accepts everything we have shared with her and says she feels such a strong calm when we are having our lessons and when she is reading the book of mormon. its the spirit!!!!!!!! the book is the power!!!!!!!!
and, daddy, you are going to get a kick out of this next one. so one day 2 weeks ago, i was really feeling like i wanted ice cream and so we went to a nearby sorveteria (ice cream shop) and i got forrer rocher ice cream and when i went to go pay, i felt like i should give the girl working there a pass a long card. we started talking with her and telling her who we were and who we represented and she was super friendly and said she has a friend who was an Elder and recognized the nametags. So we asked if we could visit her another day at her house. we got her address and tried visiting her but couldnt find the house. so we went back to the sorveteria another day to get things straightened out, we figured out we had been searching on the wrong street but were able to introduce the restoration to her in the sorveteria. then this past week we visited her in her home and we were talking about the restoration pamphlet and she said the part that caught her attention was the first vision. we then watched the restoration video with her and after introduced the book of mormon, normally we dont introduce this much in one visit because its a lot to swallow at one time but, she was famished. she was so excited to get her hands on the book of mormon and read it. she said she was feeling so happy and good and we testified to her in that moment that these things are true, that the gospel is here and that the book of mormon is the word of God. in minutes the three of us were in tears. thank you love of ice cream for leading us to an elect.
sunday was awesome! we woke up, hurried to get ready and speed walked to our investigator neuza“s house to help her meet up with her ride irmao peninha for church. and then he drove us all to our other investigators house where we got our investigator ruan and a less active mom , patricia, and her daughter loaded up in the car too. and then we ran, literally ran, to catch the last bus to get to church on time. and then i gave a talk. 🙂 it was awesome. as we were running i felt like heavenly father was looking down and smiling as his crazy daughter was giving her all. i felt so happy and full of life and the spirit. my talk was based on elder hollands talk, the first and great commandment (, and d&c 4- i felt impressed to focus my talk on how the greatest examples of love in the scriptures teach that love = sacrifice. i spoke about how we must give our all, sacrificing our past lives, sins, pride, embarrassment, time, lives- to God, to the great work of salvation. This also makes me think of another talk by president monson ( that i love and a quote in particular that says ““The greatest decision I ever made in my life was to give up something I dearly loved to the God I loved even more. He has never forgotten me for it.
i love a lot of things. i love palm trees. i love oreos. i love sleep. i love the ocean. i love movies. i love my family. but without a doubt, IT IS MY GREAT QUEST, STARTING HERE IN MY MISSION AND FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE, TO LOVE GOD FIRST, WITH ALL MY HEART. WITH ALL MY MIGHT. WITH ALL MY MIND. AND WILL ALL MY STRENGTH. im learning. and i know he will not forget us.
i love you tons (20 bajillion sacks of beans worth),
sister jackson

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