this week was full of changes and rain and skyping mommy on mommys day!!!!!!! it was the greatest 40 minutes ever and i loved hearing all your voices and laughing and crying and hearing stories about the kiddos and being filled with your love. thank you. 

so this week i want to write about a couple different people. first off, ada. so there is this less active family that we are working with. john, the dad is an immigrant from the philipines and joined the church a long time ago. jo, the mom joined just because it was the church of her husband. and their 3 kids know nothing about who God is, why we are here, nothing about religion. so we have our work cut out for us with this family. ada, the 8 year old daughter is our investigator but we are teaching everybody at the same time because they need it. so we decided that we really needed to start at the beginning with the basics. so we prepared a really wonderful lesson about the premortal life and the creation that was on her level. we made these little cut out things (i will have to take a pic of them) to demonstrate that christ made light and dark, and then stars and moon and the sun, and then the waters etc. and each time we would read one more verse in genesis about one more thing that christ created, we would have her add one more little image thing to our little earth that we cut out. and we would ask her, and who made this ada? and it took her ahwhile but she finally caught on, that god made all of these things. and we taught that god made all these things for us because he loves us. i saw such a difference in her and i think this is really going to help her learn. so excited to help this fam!!!
and then we are teaching sebastiao, who is the husband of a recent convert. i really feel good about him. when i first met him this week, i could tell that he was different. he is reading the book of mormon and really wants to receive a response from god but he says that his faith is really really small. i feel so much love in my heart for this man because i know that we is weak but has such a strong desire to know for himself that the book of mormon is the word of god and that the church is true, all of it. and so with all the love and testimony we could muster, we told sebastiao that the small seed of faith that he has can be nurtured and grow into the tree of everlasting life. just the way he handles the book of mormon with such care, searching the pages, starting to read even before we left, made my soul reach out and give his soul a hug.
so i remember one night, our plans had fallen through and we didnt know what to do and so we just stopped and prayed and asked Father what to do. sister torres then pulled out her scriptures and said something that her institute teacher said, that we pray to talk to god and we open the scriptures for him to talk to us. and so she flipped open her scriptures to a random page and picked a random scripture in the book of mormon and i dont know where it was but it was brilliant and perfect for that moment. it said something like, we have afflictions so that we can be humbled so then we are ready to hear the word of God. wowee.
i have so many more stories about answered prayers, tender mercies etc that i would share if i had 10 more hours to write but unfortunately, i dont. so i will just leave you with my testimony, my guts.
i know that God Almighty is real. He is our Father and He loves us. I know He created a beautiful and perfect plan for us so that we could gain bodies, have families, and grow to be worthy to return and live in His presence after this life. I know that Jesus Christ is at the center of this plan and that only through Him, we can overcome our weaknesses, our sins, and mortal death….and live again. I know that if we live the restored gospel of Jesus Christ by exercising faith in our Savior Jesus Christ, repent and change, be baptised by someone holding the restored priesthood authority of God, receive the gift of the Holy Ghost and endure to the end, continually striving to keep these covenants, that we can live with God and Jesus Christ and our families for eternity. It is not free. It means work. But it also means that it will be worth it. I love it. And I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.
sister J
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