Hello!!!!!!! Holy guarana ive passed 9 months!!!!!!! Its been another marvelous week here in brasil. i love it and i love life.

so for my 9 month mark, i started the festivities off with a bang by throwing up and having diahhrea (mama and daddy dont worry im fine and i have medicine and im going to be ok 🙂 ), not even remembering that it was my hump day until after i awakened from a long nap. but it was actually a great day! i got to sleep for a few more hours, i finally got to organize all of our old teaching records (seriously, i was so happy to have time to do it, i really like organization) and we had an awesome lesson with rafael and his family and watched the restoration dvd!!!! yay!!!!

and we had a miracle this week. so last sunday sister nelson and i were looking for  the house of a less active family and searched the street several times for this specific house number. brasil is wonderful but really the house numbering is a bagunça (mess) here. it can go from 86 to 51 to 335. anywho we didnt find this house. and then the next day i was on exchanges with sister wilson because since sis nelson is a sister training leader she needs to do divisions with all the sisters in our zone. so sister wilson and i were walking down the rua on our way to an apointment and this lady walking towards us calls out to us. we started talking to her and she told us that we stopped by her house yesterday and that her family was wanting to come back to church. i was confused because i had never seen this lady before in my life. turns out, we talked to her daughter the day before and the lady we were currently talking to was the mom of the less active family we had been looking for. what???? and she has two unbaptised children. and so we met with them the next day and we are currently working with them to help them develop habits of prayer, reading the book of mormon and coming to church. these really are the three things that will save a marriage, bring back children who have gone astray, bring someone closer to christ, and ultimately save a family. its the verdade (truth). cleunice and jurandir are the mom and dad and we are trying to help jaqueline and guilherme  (the two unbaptised kids) get involved in seminary and mutual and the youth program. so excited.

another miracle- we had been walking with mirian (our recent convert) one day and she showed up where she used to live and we decided to knock (well really, clap) there. the woman wasnt receptive and wasnt interested and so we had a nice conversation with her and left. and then yesterday sister nelson had the prompting to go back there, which she thought was weird because the lady didnt want to have anything to do with us. but we went back to that house because when promptings come, we go. and so we were walking up to the house and this different girl was entering the front portao (big gate in front of the house) and so we started talking to her. turns out there are 3 different households in the same lot. so ana (the girl) invited us in and we tauught her, her mom and her 2 sisters and we have a return appointment and they will hopefully be at churhc this sunday. ana has been going to different churches which only means that she hasnt found what she is looking for, she hasnt found the truth. but the lord sent us to her house. and i had actually met and talked with one of her sisters before. when we left the house, we just stopped for a minute and soaked it in. it really is a beautiful thing, when you receive a prompting from the spirit, you heed the prompting and know that the lord has used you to fulfill a part of his plan. love it.

it was a marvelous week. i am so happy. i am so grateful for my testimony, and my faith and optimism in jesus christ that is fueling my life. i just really feel so happy and just honestly, nothing can happen that will stop me from continuing and remembering that christ is in charge here. its all going to work out. i love you all and hope you have a wonderful week!!!!!!!!!!!!

oh and today we went to a beautiful botanical garden here in guarapuava and played american football and ate pb&j sammiches (elder chase has a stash of peanut butter) and walked a beautiful trail. it was just a lovely day.

ok, love you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

love,sister J


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