Bom dia!!!!!!

goooooood morning bonsucesso!!!!!! (imagine robin williams saying that)

so sorry that i wasnt able to email yesterday! our pday was switched because we had a zone meeting during the middle of the day. i dont know exactly, but im here now!!!
holy cow can you  believe how amazing conference was!!!!! i couldnt get enough of it, i didnt want it to end. i especially related to that one talk, i think it was president uchtdorf speaking, who said that as humans we naturally dont like endings because we are eternal beings. true that. so saturday and sunday were basically vacay days and were wonderful. we did our studies in the morning, packed a sack lunch and walked about a half hour to the chapel in the centro where conference was being broadcasted. the had a room set aside upstairs for all the americans in my zone. even though it would have been really cool to watch in porkajeez, it was wonderful to watch and listen and feel in my own tonuge. mommy, i knew you would like that one talk about “beloved mariah“. it made me smile and i thought of you lots. there were sooo many things that related to my patriarchal blessings, questions answered, fears calmed, wisdom bestowed. it was wonderful. i loved elder scotts talk about sharing  the gospel is really all about simple example and love. “we bare testimony and love them and love Father in Heaven and give them the opportunity to make the decision…giving them confidence in your love  can help them to develop confidence in god`s love“. brilliant. what i basically got out of conference was 1) obedience/ safety in keeping the commandments 2) safety in following the words of our living day prophet 3) love/importance of taking care of the family ….and a whole lot of other personal revelation. it was glorious and i was so exhausted after 🙂 other fave talks were elder bednar`s about how our loads help us to get back home to heavenly father and president uchtdorfs about gratitude. i am so grateful that we having a living prophet and living apostles on the earth today that hold the priesthood power of God to guide and keep our families safe and on the right path to return. for my friends that are not of my faith, im guessing this whole conference thing might be a little confusing-   -check it out.
So i love sister wilson and she is amazing. she is from wisconsin and she has been serving in brasil for about 6 months now and served one transfer in the macon, georgia mission. oh how we have bonded over our love of the south. she was such a blessing from heaven because i was starting to feel really discouraged, not being about to really communicate ME. i get by with portuguese but after a while you just start to feel like your SELF is kinda lost when you cant talkto people the way you like to. and so at night when we are walking home and oober tired, we tell stories and talk about life in english and its marvelous. my portuguese is coming along well. a couple people this week that we met were surprised that i was from the US and super surprised that ive only been here 7 weeks. i love portuguese and its becoming more natural. i am so grateful for heavenly fathers help to understand the people and that they understand me (i hope).
então (so), i have 3 precious people i want to write about today
1) rafael!!!! our golden boy!!!! rafael is the nephew of mirian (our 17 year old that was baptised last month). we started teaching him this past week because he expressed interest to mirian that he liked our church and wanted to starting coming. yippeee!!!! he is 10 years old and such a stud, he does ballet (our little brasillian billy elliott) and is just wonderful. we had a great first lesson with him and he was so focused and the spirit was so strong. we taught prophets as being awesome guys that helped God to help the world and that God gives them a special superPOWER to do this. he asked why jesus was put on a cross. it was so wonderful to teach someone so pure, so unadultered by the junk and cynicism thattypically comes with life and age. he was just a boy who wanted to know more about god. we invited him to be baptised and tonight we are setting a date for the 26th of this month.
2) adriana and cristiane are progressing well and we are continuing to teach them and prepare for baptism in the near future. cristiane is not married to her “husband“- super common here for people to live together and call it marriage because divorce is really expensive and most people here have a poopy experience the first go around- or so ive heard. anywho, she is determined to get baptised and so we are praying for a miracle for her to have the desire to get married so she can make this covenant with god.
3)next i want to talk about diane. yesterday we were on exchanges with our sister training leaders and sister mansur was with sister wilson and i. we were teaching a lot of lessons and having a good day but i was starting to get discouraged because of the feed back we were getting of things to change and work on to be better teachers. i was just starting to feel like, man, im a poopy teacher and cant doanything right -bleh satantalk. então, we stopped at a little supermercado because sister wilson needed to use to bathroom. and i really felt like i needed to pray. so after sis wilson, i slipped into the bathroom for a few short minutes to pour out my heart to heavenly father and ask for help and foregiveness and strength. i love praying. anyways, after that we stopped at the house of a contact (annarosa). she let us in and on the couch lay a little body of a young woman. annarosas daughter diane, was born with seroius physical and mental disabilities and she stopped growing when she was 3 years old. she was basically skin and bones and she had the hands of a little toddler. her mom told us that today was dianes  17th birthday. as we were getting to know annarosa a little bit better, she had her precious little daughter scooped up in her arms and was spoon feeding her. tears came to my eyes and i was filled with the pain and sadness that i could feel this tired mother was feeling. i was also filled with loveand compassion for these precious daughters of heavenly father. she wasnt really available for a lesson lesson and so we just offered to read a scripture with her and pray. i immediately thought of my favorite scripture in doctrine and covenants 50:40-46- 40 Behold, ye are little children and ye cannot abear all thingsnow; ye must bgrow in cgrace and in the knowledge of the truth.

 41 aFear not, little bchildren, for you are mine, and I havecovercome the world, and you are of them that my Father hathdgiven me;

 42 And none of them that my Father hath given me shall be alost.

 43 And the Father and I are aone. I am bin the Father and theFather in me; and inasmuch as ye have received me, ye are in meand I in you.

 44 Wherefore, I am in your midst, and I am the agood bshepherd,and the cstone of Israel. He that buildeth upon this drock shallnever efall.

 45 And the aday cometh that you shall hear my voice and bsee me,and cknow that I am.

 46 aWatch, therefore, that ye may be bready. Even so. Amen.


i assured her that christ is our good sheppard and that none of his precious are lost or forgotten about. this was such a  humbling experience for me and i am so grateful for my life, my health, my good sheppard. i know that he loves us, and that because he is love and because of his atonement, that we can grow in grace. i love you all and hope you have a wonderful week.


love, sister mariah jackson


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