Happy 8 months!

today marks 8 months on minha missão. wooooooohooooooo!!!!!! thank you so much for all the fabulous pictures of your week together. i love the jackson fam with all my heart and seeing oranges, palm trees, the beach, islands of adventure, and the sweet babies warmed my heart and made me smile sooo much. so hereis whats happening in bonsucesso—

i spoke in sacrament meeting last week!!!!!!!!!!! when the branch presidents counselor asked me to speak, i told him, oh you dont want me to speak, no onewill understand me. but he assured me everything would be ok and his confidence in my ability helped. i decided to speak on the importance of the holy ghost in missionary work and in true conversion. i shared my experience with our investigator jackie (when i was in kentucky). the firsttime she came to church, she felt the peace of the holy ghost immediately when she walked in and felt the power and reality of the priesthood when she partook of the sacrament.
we are teaching 2 really wonderful women who we have had such special experiences with this week- cristiane and elenice. cristiane loves to read the book of mormon and has felt the reassurance of te holy ghost as she has prayed about our message. when we first met with her, i knew something was different, i could feel that she was ready and that heavenly father was telling us that things were right with her and that she was ready to accept the gospel. she has a baptismal date of april 5– the only hang up is that she works ALOT, including sundays. she asked her boss this past week if she could switch shifts but the answer was no. we are going to fast and pray that she can have a miracle. we met elenice while she was on a walk with her daughter. the spirit touched her so strongly in our first visit. at our second visit, she told us that she prayed about our message and felt so calm and at peace andknew it was an answer from god. she told us that the day we firstcame to her house, she was feeling really discouraged and knew we were an answerto her prayers.
i love brasil. i love the gospel. i love my heavenly father. i love prayer and the book of mormon. i know heavenly father has a plan for me and for every person on this earth. i love the holy ghost. i love jesus christ. i love life.
http://youtu.be/yNQC-_srxH8   –  i love elder holland, when i watched this today, i felt at peace
love,sis J
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