week 1/ month 7

today i celebrate being 7 months out in the field and the begininng of my second week in brazil. holy moly!!!!!!! so much to report on. ive been making a list all week of what i wanted to write about so im just going to spill it all out.
1) there a BAJILLIONMILLION dogs (cachorros) here. seriously, its like all the pet stores of south america just released all the dogs. dad you would be in heaven 😉
2) the people are so friendly and open. instead of knocking on doors we clap outside peoples houses because everyone has a gate surrounding their house. basically we just clap, the person comes out, we say hey we are missionaries from ____ church, have you heard about it, would you like to hear a message about christ? they respond yes or no and either we go in or we are on our way. contacting people is soooo different here. its very straightforward.
3) we have an 18 year old girl named mirian on date to be baptised on march 8th. she is fantastic and so preapared. she loves to read the scriptrues and at every lesson weve had, she always had questions and truly studied what we left for her. she has been to church twice, gave up coffee in a snap and already has friends.
4) MY BODY HAS NEVER BEEN SO TIRED AND BEGGED SO DESERATELY FOR REST. we walk so much, its awesome but it hurts 🙂
5) any mail needs to be sent to the mission office address, you can look it up online.
6) it rains so much!!!!!!!!!!! so glad i got a strudy rain jacket right before i leftt
7) my area is guarapuava (about 5 hours east of curitiba)
heres the from the heart, hard stuff part. i still feel allegiance to the ohio cincinnati mission and the rules are different. im  praying for heavenly father to help me love president fernandes. i just basically feel like a handicapped baby…that is mute. i can catch random words but my mind doesnt process it enough in time to actually participate in a conversation with more than one person. thank goodness sister morais (my comanion) can speak ok english. everyone has repeat things multuiple times and speak super slow. she is from sao paulo. lunch time is the worst, because all 8 missionaries (yes there are 8 of us in the ward) eat together at members homes for lunch and everybody is all talking at the same time and i just sit there and try to pick up something, anything. i feel like i cant be my friendly with members, chattin it up self and i just feel lost and out of place. i kind of feel like ariel in the little mermaid, when prince eric talks to her and all she can do is point to her throat. yesterday i prayed to heavenly father and begged him to helpe me, i asked him why he send me here, i was doing just fine in my other mission. but he has come to my heart several times and told me to trust him, to be patient, to keep going, that everything is going to be ok. it is beautiful here and there are people ready for the gospel and even though its only a little , i have improved. it will take time. he has given me weaknes so that i may be humbled, so that i must rely on him to be strong. i have to trust god and trust christ that they will help me, and help me find my purpose here. i have been able to better handle this transition here because of my past expereinces in the mish. this is realy hard but heavenly father has sustained me, pouco a pouco, little by little., helping me to make it through. i feel like i have learned so much about enduring to the end and making the most of it.  someone in church spoke on sunday and reference elder dube~s talk about looking forward. they also said, we have a calling….to work. thi is a church of work. its time to pony up and do work for the lord. i know he is here, i know he loves me and that he called me here for a reason at this specific time. i love you and im so grateful for your love. keep calm and carry on. he will guide us little by little until we reach the perfect day.
com amor, sister jackson
SAM_1674 SAM_1672 SAM_1690

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