hello!!!!!! not much time to write. they moved our pday to tomorrow because of carnival but we are writing today. weird. anywho, so much to tell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so mirian is going to be baptised on saturday and she is as we speak at the branch`s youth conference right now. we went by to visit her mom last night to see how she is doing. her mom is skeptical about the church and told us that she thought mirian was jumping into everything too quickly. the honest concern was that she didnt know anything about the church. totally understandable. so we sat down and shared the message of the restoration with her. she wants to learn more and said she would pray and read. we are going to bring this whole fam into the gospel. so sister paredes and sister r. santos were emergency transferred out this morning and now we have half of their area. we are so grateful the lord has given us more work to do, im serious, we now have tons of formers and potentials and someone else on date i think. yahoo!!!!! elder erickson from my mtc district is being transferred into my area, today, crazy!!! hes coming from where the sisters are going. the food is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we have feijao (beans) just about every day.and today we had lunch with a member named anita, sooo nice, and she makes a fantastic chocolate cake and we pour leite condensada ALL OVER IT. so good. im defeinetly not a brasileira yet but ive definetly made progreess since last week. they are small improvements but im better able to understand conversations and i can add a short comment in here and there when we are eating with members. they talk so fast and their accents are wild!!! but the lord has blessed me so much, ive been able to better participate in the lessons we have with investigators. im learning to really say what the spirit is telling me to say, and even if i mess up i have sister morais to help me. im so  grateful. oh, we had to go to curitiba this week because all the new US missionaries had to sign some visa stuff and get fingerprints done.and i got to see elder peay again, woohoo!!!!  the bus ride was sooooo beautiful. seriously just lush forests and fields for miles. fam, i love the gospel and i know its real. i feel it eveery day as i read my scriptures. i feel it every day as i bare my testimony in broken portuguese. i know the lord is control. this morning i read in 1 nephi 1:3 in the part where laman and lemuel begin murmuring and questioning the power of christ right after an agel appeared to them. i recognized that i dont want to be like this in my life. nephi and his brothers went through the same expereicnes. the big difference between the two of them and especially how their lives turned out, is that one murmured and constantly denied the power of christ- and the other was faithful and positive. nephi perservered and rejoiced in jesus christ and believed in trusted in his power and plan. i want to be like that. i am working on putting my whole trust in the lord jesus christ and each time a wave or gust of trial comes, instead of crying why, i will rely on him and trust him and keep calm and carry on. i love the lord.i have never been closer to my Father and my Brother in my life. i know the book of mormon came from God and that it contains the guide WE NEED to naviage this life for oursleves and our families. i love you and hope you have a wonderful week.

much amor,
sister mariah jackson
ps- happy march!!!!!!
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  1. Sister Jackson ,
    So great to see you so happy! Thank you for sharing your amazing experiences with me. The gospel is so true and it is wonderful to hear how wonderful the work is for you. Our ward is doing well. I’m still YW Pres and I miss you terribly! The girls are good but very young. My son in law Nick (Kelly’s husband is teaching the investigator class so we go in there every week. It is great to. E around others who are just learning. I love you and miss you and want you to know how proud I am of you and excited to see what you will learn! Be good and I will keep you in my prayers. Preach on my Sista!!!!

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