not much time!!!

So for our update on the Gardners, Brother Stephenson, the active member who works on the same floor as Brother Gardner, they emailed and they are going to officially meet next week because they’ve both been really swamped. Yay progress!!! So we (the 6 missionaries in the Lakeside park ward) met yesterday to talk about our plans for SSI (serve, solve, involve- about ward council). We have a pretty great relationship with the YW and RS presidents and so the Elders are going to work on serving and gaining the trust and love of Brother Treanor, the Elders Quorum President who is really overburdened right now. Sister Beeson and I are going to work on the Primary president. We honestly haven’t  been able to do anything with the genslingers because they were sick and then they were out of town and so we are hopefully going to meet with them this week. But we have a member family working on them even though we cant see them. They know each other through school and so they are continuing to talk to them about church and life and an upcoming Activity Days activity through that avenue. Our closest to being on date is Melissa Wright. She is the wife of a less active man. They are the best. She loves to read the Book of Mormon, she is in Alma right now. We’ve met with her only twice before, but she has such a strong testimony and her husband is really supportive and will come back if she joins. We tried putting her on date last night and she said not yet because she wants to attend a service on Sunday. She hasn’t been able to come because of health issues but she will be there this Sunday. She is amazing. We are meeting with them after church next Sunday and so we can put her on date then. All is well!!!
i love you. the gospel is real and amazing. christ is coming. go to the temple. keep calm and carry on and eat brownies. i do 🙂
sis J

ps the pic im about to send might rock your socks.

SAM_1476 SAM_1474 SAM_1442 SAM_1480 SAM_1491

SAM_1444 SAM_1445 SAM_1446 SAM_1449 SAM_1451 SAM_1452 SAM_1453 SAM_1454 SAM_1459 SAM_1460 SAM_1464 SAM_1465 SAM_1467


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