ahhh, so little time

oh goodness, i cant believe january is almost over. anywho, i love life and i will try to cram as much as i can into this email.
this has been a great week! Our zone conference was just what I needed. Seriously, the Spirit was able to give me counsel on a number of concerns that I hadn’t even written down as my “revelatory experience questions”. It was a marvelous day and I received a lot of guidance for myself and for our investigators.
We are teaching a couple families (trying to teach whole fams instead of individuals) which makes me so happy! There is one family, the Genslingers, who were formers but really just are so close to accepting the whole gospel. We have seen such progress with the father especially. Brother Genslinger used to seem super skeptical about everything and wouldn’t pray and wouldnt really be involved in our discussions but this past Saturday his wife told us that he’s been praying often and he even offered the closing prayer in our lesson!!! sister beeson and i call these kind of people ‘pineapples’- hard and spiny on the outside, but actually sweet on the inside. he knows its true, he just needs to get back on the saddle.
We are also working with another family, so far, 3 of the 20-something year old siblings are investigators and we just need to meet with the mom. We met with one of the brothers, Robert, and he said he doesn’t like to read but he does love to read scriptures. He read his grandma’s Bible and marked the whole thing up with his thoughts and impressions. He’s excited to do the same with the Book of Mormon. He read the First Vision out of the Restoration pamphlet and said “that happened!” We extended baptism, he told us that he had already been baptized and then we re-extended, emphasizing the priesthood power of God and he said yes. It was amazing. I felt the spirit so strongly, Robert is prepared. Anyways, I’m loving life and loving missionary work. I’m grateful to be one of God’s warriors, because we really are in a war for people’s souls. I love the gospel.
There are so many great changes happening here in Lakeside Park, it’s about time that some things were shaken up. We’re working on it, one day at a time. we are working with our ward mission leader to be allowed to come to ward council. we need to be there, ward coucil is really about the people of the ward, and who sees the people and knows the people of the ward better than the missionaries. one of my personal goals is to make contact with every single person in our sisters area (covers erlanger, elsmere, independence) because we have around 500 members in the directory but maybe around 100 come on sunday. our stake president announced in stake conference that he has a vision for a new temple in cincinnati and for our stake to split in the next 5 years. if we reactivated the 400 that dont come to church and live the gospel, even half of them, our temples would be flooded, and the stake presidents vision will come to pass. there is work to be done, there is love the shared. the time is short.
oh ps we did something really neat this week. one of our members, sister hertenstein took us to dinner at the raddison hotel that overlooks cinci, but this isnt an ordinary hotel, the top floor where the restaurant is rotates and slowly makes a complete 360. dont worry i took pics. it was marvelous, i felt spoiled.
im having such an awesome time with sister beeson, she makes me laugh so hard and we really are kindred spirits. im so grateful to have her as a companion. im just so happy. oh, i am giving a talk on sunday, twill be great!!!!
oh, last night we had dinner/lesson with jeff and melissa. jeff is a less active member and his wife is investigating the church. she is so fantastic and has been so prepared for this. yesterday in my studies i felt really prompted to share that one scripture (cant remember the reference now) that basically says, if you are willing to bear one another’s burdens and follow christ, what have you against being baptized. we had talked about baptism before and she wanted to take things slow but i just felt really prompted to have her read that. she did. and she said, ‘message received’ with a smile on her face. she didnt say yes but as i was looking over at her, she just kept reading that passage over and over throughout the evening. booya.
i love you. the gospel is real. the adversary is real. tell him who is boss. read the book of mormon. pour out your soul to hevenly father. keep going to the temple. partake of the sacrament. im serious, this stuff is gold.
te amo!
love, sister jackson
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