Going on 6 months!!!!!!

Hey so guess what? on wednesday, we were told neither of us were being transferred and then on transfer day (thursday) we received a call from the APs that there had been a mistake and sister seamons was being transferred to decatur, indiana. what the what??!!! so she ripped her sheets off the bed and we scrambled for the next hour and a half to get ready. but long story short, my new companion is sister beeson and SHE IS WAITING FOR HER VISA TO BRAZIL TOO!!! we are actually going to the same mission too. she is wonderful and so fun. she is from virginia beach and is just wonderful. president porter talked to each of us specifically about how important it is that we work on our language skills together. YESSIR!!! i dont have much time today to email because ive been spending a lot of my time working on some fbi paperwork but i will share a couple of great things.

 sister seamons and i were going to visit 2 potentials and i said ‘oh their names are greg and todd, right?’ she said no, his name is thomas not todd. i was like, oh ok, and we went along our merry way and met with thomas and then we tried knocking on his next door neighbor’s door because they had just moved in. AND HIS NAME WAS TODD. the spirit, right there, told me his name was todd. so crazy weird.
oh and i received a blessing from bishop park last sunday and he said that my language skills were going to going to be restored…AND THEN I GOT SISTER BEESON. PROMISES FULFILLED.
the whole mission is doing this thing called the social media split where members come out with us for the whole day and document a day in the life of a missionary through different social media outlets- vine, facebook, twitter, instagram etc. and so you can follow us!!! i will ask the people who are going to be with us to request to follow you all on instagram. it will be great!!!
i love you all, i love the book of mormon. i love life and i love our Father in Heaven and Jesus Christ. All is well.
sister j
SAM_1327 SAM_1329 SAM_1366 SAM_1367 SAM_1368 SAM_1369

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