here is this week’s update:
We had heard great reviews about the Newport aquarium and decided to go last p-day! we got together with sisters herndon and payne and had a marvelous day!!! it brought me back to the week before i left home when lissy and new and i went to the aquarium in sf. it made me so happy to just marvel at the beautiful fish, sharks etc. i was kind of jealous and wanted to just hop in with them 🙂 afterwards we ate at tom chee (known for their grilled cheese donuts- so good !!!)
oh one thing, transfers are this thursday, usually they are on tuesday but for some reason they are on thursday this month. but if you want to send me anything in the coming week, send it to:
ohio cincinnati mission office
4610 north bend rd.
p.o. box 11671
cincinnati, oh 45211
we had a miracle this week!!!!! one night we were planning for the next day and we were looking at the map and ‘aristocrat street’ just seemed so familiar to me and i was surprised that we didnt have any members, less actives, potentials, formers, NOBODY on that street. i just felt like i had been on that street a million times. and then a couple days later we went to an investigators house for a lesson but they werent home and so we got back in the car and prayed about where we needed to go, what we needed to do next. as we were praying, aristocrat came strongly to my mind (and we had driven past it to get to this persons house). that street name just kept being repeated and repeated in my mind. and so we went there. and seriously, there was no one in our area book that lived on that street. and so we parked and prayed about where to start knocking (we are not supposed to tract because there are smarter and more efficient ways to contact but we knew we needed to knock this street). so we both felt like we needed to start knocking at 2020 aristocrat. and so we tried knocking for about 6 houses, no response. then we were at the last house on the street. we knocked. a woman answered the door and just started laughing. sister seamons and i were a little puzzled for a moment. then she said she was from utah. i asked if i could use the restroom so she would let us in so we could get to talk. so her story: she and her husband are both from utah. her husband is a less active member who served a mission and the whole nine yards. she is not a member but her step mom is and she has lots of mormon friends. she and her husband and 2 little boys have been here for the past 9 years and no one ever knew about it, there church records are not in kentucky. HOLY COW!!!! heavenly father answered our prayers, he led us to some of his lost children, THE SPIRIT IS REAL!!!!!! that was one of the coolest experiences with the spirit in my life. oh, and guess what, this world gets even smaller. she lived in satellite beach for a year and a half and worked in the merritt island target…holy moly.
we were given a talk that we were asked to read this past week. it is called ‘the fourth missionary’, by lawrence e. corbridge. . it changed my life, im not joking. a few days prior to reading this talk, i remember the thought coming to my mind that i was all set, that i had pretty much learned all the lessons i needed to while i was on my mission. and then i read this talk, oh boy. to sum it up, this talk goes through the 4 different types of missionaries and essentially 4 types of human beings. as i read the talk, i found myseld realizing that i had not offered up my whole soul, my life, my self, to not only this mission but to God. there was too much in there that i loved so i STRONGLY encourage you to read it. but i realized that my personal wants, wishes, dreams, and desires were holding me back from surrendering everything i have and am to the Lord. that was a really scary and seemingly impossible task to me, to give my self entirely up. the book of enos kept popping into my mind and especially the line ‘how is it done?’ i couldn’t understand how i could physically, mentally, and emotionally give everything up to him. it just seemed to hard. and then i felt unworthy and incapable of doing the lord’s work with all this imperfection and personal baggage and desires and natural man-ness weighing down on me. i spent about 45 minutes just feeling like it would impossible to make that transformation on my own. and then i started writing every single thing down- everything that distracts me, things i daydream about, all my wants, wishes, desires, hopes- all of them- on individual sticky notes. i have a pile of about 30 ish of them. it felt so good to sepaarate myself from all those things and realize that i was now free to become what heavenly father knows i can become. ugh, there is so much more i want to write about this but really, you will know what im talking about when you read it. 
we have to run to the post office real quick and then i will be back in a little while to finish my email and send pics. i love you. mama, im mailing the shoes back today. yes, it is below freezing warm. yes, i am staying warm. ok, toodaloo. ill be back soon. smooches y’all.
so there is this quote by neal a Maxwell that I love- “real, personal sacrifice never was placing an animal on the altar. instead, it is a willingness to put the animal in us upon the altar and letting it be consumed.” wowee. I am so grateful to be on my mission because I would’ve gone my whole life thinking I was hunky dory and not ever having given my whole self to heavenly father or understood the savior’s role in using his amazing grace to literally change my natural self to become his self. i am now not just waiting to go to brazil or waiting to go home to be happy, i need to be happy wherever i am, whatever im doing. ether 12:27 has confirmed to me that god loves us so much that he humbles us and brings us low, to show us and remind us of what he wants us to become, what he knows we can become and who that is through. i know without a doubt that it is because of the atoning power of jesus Christ (which i still do not fully understand but trust that somehow someway he makes it happen) that my insides are different, they are better, they are becoming more pure. I’m working on it. he’s working on it. i love you all. read that talk. forizzle.
with love from my gushy heart,
sister Jackson
ooh- cool cd to check out that weve been rocking to- popcorn bopping
p.s. sister seamons said i spoke in Portuguese in my sleep last night
p.s.s. it was below freezing today and no joke, i could feel my boogers and any moisture in my nose freeze- its like ‘the day after tomorrow’ 🙂
love y’all!!!!!
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