5 Months!!!!


it was so wonderful to hear your voices on christmas day, that was the greatest christmas present ever! sorry i got so weepy, i seriously gave myself a pep talk beforehand, ‘dont cry the whole time, dont cry the whole time’. when i finally hung up, i had snot dripping from my face, i was such a mess, thank goodness i found a roll of toilet paper. oh well 🙂 thank you for singing to me, i felt like i was right there with you.

i had a wonderful rest of my christmas- we visited tons of members and less actives. its funny, we had meals set up with members for every meal but we never actually ate a legit christmas dinner with the ham and the whole nine yards. we had quiche for breakfast with the wardrops and pizza with the loosles and beckers for lunch and dinner. it was an interesting christmas 🙂 it made me so happy to think of you all in your homes being together. i love you all and cant wait to spend next christmas with you!!!

so yesterday, president porter came to our ward to do a training thing for all the relief society and priesthood. it was all about the ‘work of salvation’ and how our efforts as missionaries need to be combined with the efforts of the ward members. he brought up a couple things that i really wanted to share with you all. he talked about bringing others into the gospel by small and simple means. its not about doing big extra out of our way things to share the gospel but rather by just involving others in our lives because when they see and feel the warm and unity of our families, they will want that too and will want to know how they can have that.
-open your home and your heart
-open your mouth and share your life
-we invite because we love
He talked about when we are conversing with friends and coworkers about our weekends, how often do we just skip over our sunday? it can be very natural to talk about church and our sabbath worship service when talking about our weekends. ‘oh, i heard this great talk (or testimony) at my church on sunday, it really helped me feel hopeful’. i dont know, something like that. then he talked about something that i love that we’ve just started to implement with families in our ward. each ward should have a ward mission plan- goals for baptism, people to visit, etc. and so we as missionaries are helping families to develop their own family mission plans. this can be really simple- just goals and plans to include our friends, neighbors, coworkers in our life. this can include inviting nonmembers or less actives over for dinner, fhe, scouts/yw/ym activities etc. all you need to do is put this on a 3X5 index card. president porter gave an example:

PRAY- for missionaries and their investigators by name
TALK- about someone you know serving a mission, BYU etc
INVITE- dinner etc.

i need to go but i just want to share my testimony real quick because my one in portuguese was kind of poopy the other day 🙂

I believe. I do not know a lot of things. But i believe. Here are some things i do know. i know heavenly father loves me. i know this because he gives me so many tender mercies every day that i cant deny him knowing my heart and soul personally. i know he is real every time i look up at the night sky. i know that prayer is how we communicate to God. he hears us and answers us. i beleive in miracles. i know that this gospel is the only way to go home, to return to Father. i know that jesus christ wipes my tears, he calms my heart and helps me learn from every single trial. i know he is real because i am changed. i love you and i love the gospel and i say these things in the name of jesus christ, amen.

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