ITS ALMOST CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

oh my goodness, time is just flying by and i am so excited to get to talk to you and hear your beautiful voices in just 9 DAYS!!!!!!! i need to ask my zone leaders if we can do skype. we are going to a members home on christmas morning for breaksfast which is where we will probably call from but i will give you the definite details in my email next week. i am praying to heavenly father that i wont just cry and be weepy the whole time i am on the phone with you guys 🙂

anywho, remember i told you about our investigator jackie when i was in the northern kentucky ward? she quit smoking in the first week and was our miracle. anywho, she was baptized last week!!!!!!!!!!!! once i get a pic i will send it to you. i wasnt able to be there but i am so happy for her and her family. and our investigator anika is getting baptized this thursday at 7 pm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! woohoo!!!!!!!!!! She is so fantastic and has overcome so much in her life and she is so ready to be baptized! she is so honest with us and i love her so much and i know that heavenly father put me here in this ward to serve at this time so that i could meet her and be here for her in this journey. The only struggle that we are working through with her is feeling welcomed in the ward. Making the ward more welcoming, warm and willing to integrate new people is one of our goals as a companionship. Never fear!

Jordyn was supposed to get baptized this week but won’t be able to because of conflicting work schedules of her family members. They are thinking maybe somewhere in the next 3 weeks. This is actually kind of a blessing because that will give us more time to help her make the Book of Mormon an integral part of her daily life and establish that routine personally and as a family.

we had an incredible zone conference this past week. we had to drive up to montgomery in ohio and one of the members of the seventy, elder perkins was there. he told us that he wants to change the church’s vocabulary and stop saying that we go to church ‘meetings’ and instead go to church ‘revelatory experiences’. he taught us through the scriptues that we need to be seeking and have a particular question or concern in mind when we go to church meetings in order to receive specific guidance and revelation. i loved it. so he had us all right down 2 questions that we needed help with. i wrote down 5 🙂 i was kind of skeptical at first but by the end of teh day, each of my concerns/questions were addressed and i gained insight and comfort from the holy ghost.i t was amazing. sister perkins was incredilbe and we had a special meeting with just the sisters and her after the bbig meeting. AHHHHH, I  HAVE TO GO BECAUSE WE ARE GETTING PICKED UP TO GO TO A ZONE ACTIVITY BUT I LOVE AND WILL FINISH THE STORY NEXT WEEK.

PS my only christmas wish – will you all write down/email your testimonies for me? it can be about anything- tithing, the savior, food storage, prayer, anything. all i really wwant for christmas this year is your souls 🙂 take a tiny bit of time to ponder and i would love to hear whatever you want to share. i feel like this will strengthn my soul and testimony. thank you,.


sista jackson 🙂



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