so i’m still in florence…but not

so we got the call that we were both being transferred last monday and so we were basically running around like chickens with our heads cut off trying to pack, clean, go shopping, say goodbye to everyone, update our records etc. we went to bishop nealons house and said goodbye to him and his wife. i love them sooo much. i reminded him that 12 weeks earlier i was sitting on this same couch, crying because i missed my family and i didnt think i could make it 2 more minutes let alone 18 months. on that night 12 weeks ago i received a powerful priesthood blessing from him. and so my time with my bishop ended like it began with him laying his hands upon my head and giving me a blessing. my blessing kind of scared me because it was basically about BRAZIL AND BAPTISMS. the way he was talking about it made it sound like i was going soon. like, SOON soon. a million questions started running through my mind- soon, how soon??? i was kind of all in knots because i wasnt sure where i was going when and i worried about having too much luggage for brazil and worried that i would miss mom and dad’s package coming soon and that i wasnt ready for brazil and that my language skills were poopy and a bunch of other things. i felt unsettled. but the next day came and i was having super bad butterflies in my stomach. how transfers work is that all the missionaries who are being transferred or have a companion being transferred meet at a central chapel in centerville, ohio. we all gather in the chapel and then one of the assistants will announce who is being paired up with who and where they are serving. then the moment finally arrived…sister jackson with sister seamons serving in the lakeside park ward with sister jackson as the senior companion. sister seamons and i came out together and rode in the same car from the airport. and lakeside park…its our sister ward. its northern kentucky’s next door neighbor basically. my new apartment is literally a 30 second drive down the street from my first apartment. crazy!!!!!! so i am still in the same zone and district as before. the sisters in my zone all basically just switched wards basically. and one of the sisters in my district (sister beeson) is a visa waiter too!!!!!

this has all been a whirlwind and the first day and night was kind of rough and weird because i really hadnt left but i couldnt see any of my people anymore. it broke my heart that they werent mine anymore. i really truly love the northern kentucky ward and they became family to me. i became scared that the work would be too hard in this new ward, that members wouldnt want to get involved, that the next six weeks would be like pulling teeth. i was pretty torn up and weepy and depressed about it the first night and i begged heavenly father for comfort, for hope, and for light. i also re-asked if the book of mormon was true. the next morning i was reading d&c 6 and BAM, prayer answered. really, that chapter quelled the storm inside of me, it addressed each individual concern, fear, doubt i was having. that was such a testimony building experience for me- when i read that chapter i could not deny that i knew that heavenly father loved me so much to answer me so quickly because i needed to forget about myself and go to work. immediately light and hope replaced the darkness and fear that had so recently filled my mind and heart. and the work began.

sister seamons is awesome!!!!!!!!! she loves green and superheroes (particularly superman), and loves ice cream. we get along great ūüôā she has taught me so much through her example in just the short week that we have been together. she is very thorough and diligent and full of the spirit. we are both learning together how to be missionaries every single day. we really are going to help each other grow. i have trouble stopping to talk to people on the street (which is better at doing) and she has trouble with knowing what to say in the conversation (which i do better with) and so we are helping each other to work on this particular personal struggle.

as far as investigators go, there is so much good work to be done here!!!!! our investigator jordyn is on date to be baptised december 21st and an investigator was just passed on to us (anika) wants to be baptised asap. she has been investigating the church for about a year and the first thing she said to us when we sat down for sacrament meeting that she wanted to dicuss baptism and what she needed to do to be ready as soon as possible. heavenly father has prepared this area. we have our first meeting with her tonight. so excited!!!!

we had a great thanksgiving and ate at our bishop’s house with another family too. the food was delicious and we had a great dicussion about missionary work. we ate our second thanksgiving dinner was at carol and mike’s house (they are investigators). we took home a lot of leftovers!!! mama, i didnt get to make the blueberry jellp thing because since transfers just happened i didnt get to go grocery shopping and so i will make it for christmas. but we had a great day and i thought of you all the whole day, imagining you all together eating turkey. i love and miss you all so deeply and i am so thankful to have such an incredibly strong, faithful, happy family. my dear jacksons, you all are beautiful and perfect to me.

i love this talk that i recently read and it really makes you think.      i am still working on my relationship with heavenly father and jesus christ. i am still working on not just believing in christ but believing christ, believing that he can change me, heal me and comfort me. i love you all and hope you have a wonderful week.

oh ya, HAPPY DECEMBER!!!!!!!!! can you believe i will have been out 5 months this month??? crazy!!!

i love you. tons. and tons.

sister jackson

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