did you all hear about the tornados in the midwest??? apparently illinois got torn up pretty bad. we were at bishop nealon’s house lastnight when we started getting tornado warnings on our phone. the wind and the rain really started picking up. then the power went out, it was soo much fun!!! we sat around in his living room with candles and eating homemade strawberry and peach pie. it was a fun night! when we got the all clear that the storm was gone, we went over to a potential’s house (her name is sue and she is a really sweet woman who gave us tomatoes the frst time we met her) and she had the news on- i guess the storms were a lot worse than we thought. but we got home safe and sound last night 🙂
oh, also discovered some crazy awesome information last night while we were at bishop’s house. apparently, josh hutcherson (peeta from hunger games) grew up in this area and his parents still live here…and they live a couple doors down from a member of our bishopric. ohmygoodness. totally sharing the gospel with them. and josh owns his own house a couple streets away from another one of our members. one of my goals before i leave is to knock on those 2 doors. oh and bishop nealon’s wife used to be his teacher. im gonna die of happiness:))))))
hey i received some more visa paperwork this week- im holding it up in one of this weeks pictures!!!!!!!!!!! i had to sign my name on 3 different documents and send it back to slc. more progress!!!! apparently there is some website where you could check the progress of my visa but i really dont want to know. i have a feeling its going to come after christmas, but who knows, well, we know who knows. Heavenly Father has got this all under control 🙂
We have been working a lot with part member families in our ward and especially their youth. these teenagers and kids havent been fully overwhelmed and blinded by the darkness of the world and they need the gospel before they get sucked under and become hard hearted.
We have had an amazing week here! We have a miraculous investigator named Jackie. Sister Parker and Sister Bradford had made contact with Jackie several times and thought her family was being taught by the spanish elders and were taken care of. We always said hi to her when we passed by and then last Sunday we were talking to her and turns out that they had never been taught by any missionaries. So we gave her a Book of Mormon and she very willingly accepted it. In the last week we have met with her three times and she has quit smoking and she came to church yesterday with her 3 kids and a friend. She searches the scriptures and has really exercised her faith in no time. She is incredible and has taken us by surprise. Her 8 year old son Ricardo is officially now an investigator too.
We had a miracle yesterday because her ride was going to be getting her and her family to church late and so we prayed that a way would be provided for them to get there on time for the sacrament. It turned out that yesteday was our ward conference and because of annoucements and sustainings, the sacrament didn’t start until 20 minutes after the hour. They made it just in time, miracle!
We are really trying to keep the lessons short and powerful, it’s really hard for us to keep the lessons under 30 minutes just because of visiting and talking but that is something that we definitely need to be more diligent about. We struggle to find the line between ‘getting to know someone and hear about their life’ and just ‘chatting’.
We have a couple other people that we have been working with that were not exercising their faith and not progressing and so we tried having a break from teaching them recently, hoping that they would miss feeling the holy ghost and miss being taught, but they have been cold. Not sure what to do about them.
Sister Parker and I fasted this past Saturday for various things including all of our investigators and Jackie and our finding efforts and my visa we really had such an amazing day. I really felt like we were fulfilling our purpose- we were talking to everyone, finding, teaching, and inviting. Most definetly not everyone accepted but we really felt like we were working. Our fast really made such a difference.
Funny story, Oh man, we met a couple, Jose and Ana, on Saturday and Ana was really excited to learn. So we were talking to Ana and then a guy walked up who apparently lives with them. So i started talking to him and asked him about himself and apparently he met with some Spanish elders 5 months ago, awesome. We were talking about his experience with the missionaries and then he asked me if i had a boyfriend. dont worry, hes not a creepy stalker. i said no (me trying to be honest in my dealing with my fellow man) and said i cant have a boyfriend while on my mission. and then he’s like, ‘but after your mission you can have  a boyfriend?’ uh- in a year …i replied. anywho, he said he wanted to meet with the spanish elders again, thank goodness i cant speak fluent spanish 🙂 and so we gave him as a referral to the spanish elders. it was more funny than creepy, i promise 🙂
i really loved studying/reading alma 37 this week. a couple verses that stuck out to me and were comforting answers to my prayers: vs. 16 ( i was really paranoid that i had maybe screwed up my visa paperwork or signed something wrong down the line but this verse really calmed my mind and let me know that God is over evrything and nothing of this world or of hell is going to stop heavenly Father’s will from bring done). i also loved verses 34-40. i was feeling really exhausted  and tired of talking and walking and these verses were just so perfect. i know that when we pray to Father for guidance and comfort from the Book of Mormon and when we search for help in its pages, we can find it. the Book of Mormon is truth. i love it.
i love you all, all day everyday, i love you and pray for you.
you are my sunshine.
here is a sneak peek to next week’s list of things i am thankful for: 1) my eternal family ….surprise surprise 🙂
sister mtj
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  1. Hello Sis MTJ,
    Sounds like things are going well in Kentucky. Keep up the good work cuz you know The Lord is on your side! I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and know that you are I. My thoughts and prayers, love you!!!!!!

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