happy monday morning!!!!

oh boy, not enough time to write everything i wish i could today. ok i will hit the highlights fast!
went on exchanges with highland heights sisters and the newest sister, sister herndon, is the coolest person ever!!!!!! she knows about ezekial cereal and we just gelled so well and she loves magnolia bakery and she is so stinkin full of the spirit and we are now friends for life. she has only been out 4 weeks and she is such a kick booty missionary and i learned so much from her example. she literally talked to everybody!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
our investigator john texted us that whenever he prayed about the book of mormon he received the answer ‘beware false prophets’…uh, what the heck – he said we didnt need to meet anymore…we came over anyways with 2 members and had a great and powerful lesson that really cleared some things up for him
we went to a ‘guy fox day’ party at the lawal’s house!!!!! id never heard of it- look it up 🙂 something about a guy that tried to blow up parliament in london. there were fireworks and a bondfire and it was wonderful!!!!
mom, edith said she called you the other day, that made me sooooooo happy!!!!!!!!!
spiritual experience- we didnt know who to bring breakfast to yesterday before church and none of our investigators said they could come. i got on my knees and prayed, asking the question , who should we bring breakfast to- over and over and over. every time i asked- the name “ychokwon” came to mind (this is a less active young woman in the ward). sister parker had the same feeling too. we went over there, she couldnt come to church but she thoiught she had been forgotten about. we were sent by the spirit not to get her to church but to let her know that she wasnt forgotten about.
i made brownies!!!!!!!!
alma 19:6- i love this scripture!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it makes me smile everytime i read it. it is golden and has had amazing effects with 2 less actives we have read it to. one guy yesterday, he told how amazing it was the just that one verse made him feel such amazing things- THE SPIRIT!!!!!!
food for thought- leave everything and everyone better than when you found them 🙂
alot of times i feel spiritually paranoid, like, i dont know if im working by the spirit or not, i hate that limbo ‘i dont know’ feeling. but then i remembered an mtc devotional called the 20 mark note talk in which he told an amazing story about his mission in germany and said- “be a good boy or a good girl, keep your covenants, and keep the commandments. most times you will not know that you have been guided or prompted byt eh spirit in that moment.” so comforting to me. i just need to be good.
i love you all and hope you enjoy the pictures and videos !!!!!
sister jackson
SAM_0826 SAM_0827 SAM_0834 SAM_0846 SAM_0847 SAM_0848 SAM_0849 SAM_0850 SAM_0851 SAM_0852 SAM_0855 SAM_0856 SAM_0857 SAM_0858 SAM_0863 SAM_0866 SAM_0868 SAM_0871 SAM_0872 SAM_0875 SAM_0879 SAM_0880

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