it’s sweater weather y’all!!!

another week has passed, i can’t believe it! to report the week’s highlights:
We ran into a sister in our ward last p-day as we were grocery shopping and she bought our groceries even though we had plenty of money. i was so touched by her generosity, what an angel! we wrote her a thank you card and dropped off cookies (mama, you taught me well).
we taught the lost boys who officially have a last name- horne. we taught christina and the boys about the restoration and committed them to pray to know if what we taught was true. we promised christina that if they prayed together as a family and if she continued to pray, that she would find the strength and peace needed to continue through her trials. they are in the middle of a nasty custody battle for the 4 boys. their birth mom does drugs and seems to only want the boys for the child support. awesome. we are praying really hard for them. rodney, teh dad came out at the end of our lesson, (i dont know if i told you this but he acutally met with missionaries in cincinnati 4 years ago and loved the book of mormon and doesnt remember why he stopped) he walks up and says, “And we are all going to read a chapter from the Book of Mormon every night together”. Say whaaat? He said he wanted them all to join the church – and then his phone rang. Um, miracle family. The boys are unfortunately in the custody of their mom so they cant come to church. A way will be provided.
we are teaching a really awesome 19 year old girl named kelsey who took the discussions months and months ago but stopped because school got too busy. we started teaching her again and she is soaking everything up and told us that she wants to be a missionary like us and we invited her to be baptised. we are hoping this can happen in november!
tristan is on date to be baptised!!!!!! tristan is our golden child who is a referral machine. he is going to be baptised on october 18th!!!!! he is so excited and came to a session of conference yesterday and even brought his friend dylan who is now a new investigator. we gave them a tour of the chapel and showed tristan the baptismal font. he is so ready and i love teaching him. he has really gotten into the lessons and has so many great questions. i’m so excited for his celestial future!!!
emily, the woman with 5 daughters found a home!!!!!! she was being evicted from her apartment and had no place to go and she was able to find a house for her and her girls to live in!!!!! we are so excited for her and helped her move in between sessions of conference on saturday. bummer is that she will be our of our area so we wont get to teach her anymore. but we are going on exchanges tomorrow and i will be in her new area so i can go visit her!!!!
Jenny (our 20 year old investigator) came to the first session of conference!!!! we were so excited!!! we had a really great discussion/lesson about our role as women and children of God the other night and i really hope conference hit her heart.
so speaking of conference, i loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i only have 6 minutes left so i will leave you with the talks that touched my heart the most, the ones that spoke to me and i felt the most promptings from the spirit.
-elder dube’s talk- “never look back, look at what we still have to do! in the service of god, its not where you serve but how you serve, the past is to be learned from and not lived in
-richard j maynes
-russell m nelson’talk – during this talk, i felt overwhelmed by the desire to do good and be good and do all that i can to live a fiercely christ centered life
i love you all and hope you have a wonderful week!!!!!!!!!!!!
sister mariah jackson
i am so grateful for a living prophet. the past 2 days have been so spiritually nourishing and im so grateful for the personal revelation and whisperings from the spirit that have come to me the past 2 days.
SAM_0706 SAM_0707 SAM_0708 SAM_0709 SAM_0710 SAM_0712 SAM_0717 SAM_0718 SAM_0719 SAM_0720

One thought on “it’s sweater weather y’all!!!

  1. Dear Sister Jackson (I love that), Hope all is well as you serve in the vineyard! We are doing fine, just taking care of grandma the best we can and having fun with the family. This weekend, I discovered a box of old family slides which had pictures of your dad and all six kids, I put them on facebook and everyone is enjoying them. Did they set you up with a missionary facebook page yet? Our ward is “friending” all the missionaries who serve here in Morgan and we are enjoying being engaged in the work. As the ward mission leader, recently we had a youth fireside with the FTM and much of the evening discussed how the work with them on social media. Let me know if you have a page and we can follow your journey there. Love ya and so proud of you serving, Uncle Paul & Aunt Patrice

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