hi family! i’m serving in the northern kentucky ward, surprise!

my address:
632 Castleton Lane Apt D
Florence, Kentucky 41042
it’s been a trying week but i’ve met some really wonderful ward members here and i even found a brasilian woman that is investigating the church. a woman walked by me walking into the sacrament meeting of the ward after us and she was holding o livro de mormon and i ran after her and started talking with her and gave her a pass a long card with our number on it. i hope she calls! my companion’s name is sister parker, she is from utah. she is trying her best to help me feel at home in our apartment. we brought a 20 year old girl to church on sunday for the first time and she has been taking the discussions. we are hoping to meet with her again this week. we met with a really awesome 97 year old woman yesterday who was just baptised in june. she is amazing, such an amazing example of faith. she has a gecko named “big guy” and i got a pic with him but i wont be able to send pics yet, i need to get a card reader. we’ve met with a couple people lately who are really looking for help. we met with one lady in a trailer park. her son who was baptized a couple years ago just got out of prison and we are going over there tonight to teach them. her cousin was there when we met with her and he seemed interested to hear what we had to say. he has been clean and sober for 9 months. it’s incredible to see how many people have such serius problems and how much they need the gospel. in my first tracting experience i knocked on a man’s door because there was a moving truck and we were going to offer to help. he opened the door, i said “hi, we” and then he promptly said “im not interested” and closed the door. funsies. but last night we tracted into an 85 year old woman who was so sweet and welcomed us right in, she said she was peeling apples and set up up some chairs. so we talked to her and got to know her and she even gaves us apples as we were talking. she was soooo sweet. she ended up tellnig us about how her husband died and how she has a daughter who is off and on drugs. she said she has talked to the missionaries before but that she dont believe in our church. we were able to share our testimonies. we also found another woman who is really having a tough time. she has 4 girls and is really struggling financially and needs to find a new place to live soon. everythinng just seems to be in a pickle for her. she just left her boyfriend who was on drugs. we ended up talking about eternal families and i shared mom’s story about her dad passing away and how her friend julie shared the idea of eternal families with her and how that changed her life. this really struck this woman and she told us that her brother passed away last year and how that was really hard on her. we shared a pass a long card with the SLC temple on it and she just thought it was amazing and beautiful. we invited her to a preparedness fair this saturday and she hopes to come. we are going to go back and try to teach her more. we are teaching a 9 year old girl who is the last in her family to be baptised. we are setting a baptismal date with her this week.
I love you all and miss you more than you know. Please know that I pray for you everyday.
And yes my p-days are officially on monday.
Yours forever,
Sister Mariah Jackson

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